Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Snails and puppy dog tails

So we now know that baby #2 is a boy - yeah :) We'll have one of each, which is great! Now the problem, it's seems like there's so much more variety and fabric for girls clothes now I'm on the hunt for boys clothing options. Maybe this will inspire me to make some new peices. I have a cap and and a tie pattern from Leila and Ben which has great modern kids patterns but I need to find more. I made the cap for a friend in the summer in a great modern seersucker plaid fabric.

I suppose it's an opportunity to create some of my own as well for the clothing peices I just can't find on my own. All of my friends with boys say there is defintiely a lack of good boys styles out there but it's always hard for them to articulate just what exactly they're looking for. They'll just know it when they see it I guess.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holidays, new patterns and new jacket

Well my brain has started to take me into holiday season already. I don't want to put up any decorations until after my daughters birthday on the 6th as I'd like to keep a clear separation between Christmas and her birthday. But...that doesn't mean I can't be ready for right after that.
I want to create a nice skirt, blouse and jacket for Christmas I just bought a great new pattern from WholeGrainBaby for their reversable swing coat and can't wait to make one!
I also bought a nice pattern for a comfy yoga outfit from a fellow Toronto company HeidiandFinn I think I'm going to want one in my size too!

I have one new listing for the Jitterbug Jacket a great bolero style jacket that is great over short or long sleeves and dresses up or down. I'd like to take it to another level and add more embelishments, that's another project I'm working on. I would love to try felting, I've been reading about it and watching uTube videos so I'll dive in one day soon :-)