Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photo Shoot

So last week I had my first professional photo shoot for kids clothes. It was fantastic!

I totally meant to bring along my camera and take behind the scenes shots but it remained in my purse as I rant around doing wardrobe changes :) We had booked an hour in a local park and the process was pretty much what I expected although very exciting. I had one 4 year old and one 18 month old, both 'borrowed' from friends. Moms came along too of course but Alana my photographer took control and got to work with pictures and poses.

It took a little while for the poor 18 month old to warm up to all the people and camera and refused to let go of her snack cup, but that's what kids are like at her age. I didn't bring my own 18 month old only because I figured I'd be too busy doing other thing to watch her and have her in the pics, and I was right. I'll be sure to use her in the future ones though!

First week of August I get to go and look at my photos and then I'll be able to share some.

Friday, July 17, 2009


So I still have my day job and have been working my butt off at night to create some fall items. I finally feel like I'm creating some things that are 'new' and 'me'. I hope others like them. I have booked a photo shoot next Wednesday to take some pics of these items to use through fall and into early winter.
I'm SO excited to see how the pics will turn out. Alana from Alana McClure Photography has been great is getting ready for the shoot so far and I think they'll be great!

I have a 4 year old and 1 1/2 year old which I'm 'borrowing' from friends and think I'll have 2 outfits for each. I won't make everything they wear as I really need to streamline but I'm trying to come up with cohesive looks.

One look is in the browns, oranges and greens and looks like it will be big this fall. The other look will be greys and greens, I'm still working that one out.

I'll be sure to share the photo shoot experience with everyone

Friday, July 10, 2009

Too many lines

For anyone that has found the fabulous Ottobre magazine out of Finland, you may know what I'm going through today. They have the most fab designs and it's packaged up so well. But...when you want to actually get in there to sew something the pattern is the daunting. There are 3-4 patterns on one sheet all in different colours and overlapping one another. Wow. I'm seriously going crosseyed looking at this. Once you get through the pattern it seems to be okay. I've made a few things already but it really takes motivation to start on the tracing.

Well I'm going to carry on and in a week :) when I'm done tracing I'll let everyone know.