Thursday, February 11, 2010

More room accessories

We're now at the last two items I made for my daughters 'big girl' room. These are total accessories and for fun. Again I think I could have done a dozen different things with the items but this is what I chose; birdy brush holder and a butterfly arrangement.

Tools: Bird or other wooden base unit, craft paint, Modgepodge or other craft glue, sheet of scrapbook paper

First the birdy holder. I bought a wooden bird box (would you call it a box? ...anyhow) it was purchased from Michael's for less than $5 and then I dressed it up.
First I painted it. I used the craft paint also available at Michael's for cheap and it seems to cover it just fine.
After it dried I got out my trusty bottle of ModgePodge and covered the front of the bird liberally but not too thick.
I then took my sheet of scrapbook paper and pressed it against the flat front of the bird.
Wait for it to dry then take an exacto knife or similarly sharp edge and trim off the excess scrapbook paper to be left with a beautiful printed bird.

I'm using this right now to keep her hairbrush in. I think I might find some more holders that can be used for hair ties or other little things and give the little bird some friends :)

Next project is the butterfly arrangement

My original plan was to make a butterfly mobile but I changed my mind at the last minute. I still think it would make a great mobile.
I purchased these beautiful butterflies from an Etsy store BeachCottageStudio they cost under $10 and are so cute. If anyone has a scrapbook cutter these would also be easy to make at home with a butterfly template. However, since I am without one I simply purchased.

Tools: paper butterflies, florist wire, floral oasis, container, faux flowers, glue gun.

First I took florist wire and painted them an off-white with craft paint. I just thought this would look nicer than the bare metal.
Once dry I took out my trusty glue gun and started glueing the little insects to the wire. I put one on each side to make it look more full from all angles.
The container was an old one I had hanging around the house but anything could be used really. I stuffed it with dry oasis and some faux flowers then added the wires with butterflies.

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