Thursday, August 18, 2011

Excitement in the air

After the birth of my son I returned to work full-time and have largely ignored my Etsy shop and crafting and this blog. Shame shame!
I have thought a lot about it though and have an exciting new product launch coming up. I'm aiming for early September but I may need to wait for some packaging first.

Having been away for so long I started to poke around for resources and what's new in the handmade world and blogisphere. Wow I can't beleive I just found now! How amazing is this site and the women who run it? It's going to take weeks just to comb through much to read and learn. They also have a handmade conference coming up. I soooo wish I could go but I don't think the funds are there to travel plus pay the fees...I checked and it's a 16 hr drive from Toronto to St. Paul :(
I'll have to just read about it in all the great blogs from the attendees and live vicariously.

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