Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An 'A' for effort

Last week I showed you a sneak peak of my daughters' new room and this week I want to dive into a couple of the things I used in the decor.

The handmade quilt and the wall decals

First the quilt. I have a complete new appreciation for all of you that quilt on a regular basis and do it well. This quilt is not going to win any awards but it was made with love, so that counts for something right? In my normal way of cutting corners where I could, here's where I did:

- squares were precut and purcahsed from The Fabric Square Shop in Amy Butler prints
-batting, well instead of using quilting batting I bought a double sized duvet from IKEA and used that. I saw a few benefits to this:

-I wouldn't have to be as careful with the actual quilting as the quilt should hold it's shape on it's own
-The price was right at only $7.99
-It is fully washable

It likely took me about a month off and on to get going on the quilt. Laying out the squares and peicing together. In the end some of the edges aren't quite square as I did the 'pattern' (if you can call it that) by hand. I used a pink cotton fabric for the backing and some nice blue bias tape for the binding. Viola. I like how it turned out and if I ever get up the courage to make another one I would like use the same type of materials again :)

Now for the wall decals. I used 3 different suppliers on used them in 3 areas of the room

1. beside her bed
2. above her bookshelf
3. on her dresser

I purchased the two wall decals from Etsy from Empressive Designs and Six under a tree. The 3rd set was purchaed from my local Michaels store.

In general I'd say these were easy to apply. One word of warning is to pay attention to decals that have lots of small peices that aren't joined. For example the little orange flowers on the custom peice were all induvidual petals they weren't joined, so getting them off the backing and onto the wall was a little more tedious then I would have liked. In all I still did all the decals in under 2 hours.

The decals on the dresser were an attempt to make it look less adult like and more kid like. Since they can be safely removed later we can always reuse the dresser if she outgrows it or we change it up when she's older too.

That's all for this week hope it gave someone a few ideas. Next week I'll give some details on the clip holder/wall art I made...stay tuned.

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