Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New room for a little/big girl -7 ideas for a toddler room

With baby #2 on the way I've been thinking and planning about moving my 2 year old into her new room. It was a big step as it was not just a move from a crib to a bed but also a whole new environment. New decor, furniture, different side of the house. I was nervous about how she'd take to it but so far all is well. She woke up a few times in the first week, likely wondering where the heck she was. Now two weeks in she's back to sleeping through the night. Yeah!

I had so many great ideas for her room but as always time and money play a factor. We pushed the move date back twice as we just didn't get around to things as planned but it's finally done and I wanted to share it with you.

Most furniture was bought from Ikea, bed, bookcase and dresser then I added my finishing touches. There are about 7 things that I made for the room that I'll share here over the next few weeks and hopefully it can provide some inspiration for others.

-Quilt - my first attempt at one. It won't win any awards but she loves it
-Hair clip holder/picture
-Wall decals
-Butterfly bouquet
-Bird accessory holder
-Decorative pillows

Stay tuned for more details on a couple of these items each week with some tips and tricks.

BTW the great dress my daughter is wearing is from a local mom to me, her store is Blue Calla, you should check her out!

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