Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beauty and function

Continuation with 7 things that I made for my daughter's toddler room...
My little one still has very little hair, guess that's par for the course when it's light and fine. I'm still waiting for the baby hair to grow in underneath so I'm keeping the rest of it trimmed short as I'm not a fan of the mullet look.

This project is some homemade artwork that also acts as a hair clip holder. If you wanted to make something similar for your room here's what you would need.

- canvas picture (stretched canvas over wooden frame) just a few bucks at Michael's
- scrapbook paper of your choice
- craft paint or whatever else you may have handy
- embellishments
- ModgePodge or similar glue
- 5" or so of nice ribbon
- staple gun and staples

I took the canvas and painted a light blue as the background colour. I then cut out shapes from the scrapbook paper, I decided to go with simple shapes as I'm not a very creative scrapbook. If anyone has a fancy scrapbook cutter you could make some really wonderful scenes! I used the ModgePodge to stick the cutouts on the canvas and added my stickers(embellishments). Finally I turned the canvas over and stapled the ribbon to the wood frame to hang down.

That's it. I'm sure people can think of so many creative ways to make even nicer pictures than I did. I may change up the scene once in a while when I'm feeling creative, and have time ( right..). If you have that you've made and would like to share please post it here!

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